By looking at the past we're building the future of higher education

The use of textbooks can be traced back to the late eighteenth century. Not much has changed in the past 200 years, creating a challenge for higher education. The one thing that has however changed over the years, is the way students learn.


Using artificial intelligence, our textbooks dynamically optimize
learning based on each student's best suited modality – Visual,
Auditory, and Kinesthetic (VAK).


VISUAL learners have a preference for seen or observed things. Supplemental diagrams, pictures, and videos increase this learner’s potential.


AUDITORY learners have a preference for information to an explanation, and re-explaining information to others. Small resuscitation activities improve learning.


KINESTHETIC learners have a preference for physical experience and hands-on learning. Immersive labs and drag + drop activities increase comprehension

We are passionate about reducing out-of-pocket student expenses and elevating professors’ earning potential.

The average university student spends $1,240 per year on print and digital textbooks (eBooks). In some areas, students are required to spend upwards of $3,000, yet the textbooks are barely used and lacking of value.


A startling 75.5% of college faculty are non-tenured, made up of mostly adjunct professors (contract-based faculty) which average a salary of $20,000. 1.3 million out of 1.8 million faculty members are not tenured or on a tenure track (no benefits or guaranteed jobs).

Core Values of ElevateU


Help students learn better

Bring adaptive and inclusive learning to the student, whether in the classrooms or the campus, in their homes, or in cafes.


Bring online courses to life

Adapt classes thorughout the semester, utilizing machine learning and real-time student assessment. Give faculty the capability to know each student's comprehension level.


Simplify online learning

Continuosly work on making instruction fluid, better, and impactful. Good enough, is never an option.


Give Back

Share your success with educational foundations and non-profits, providing professor with the freedom to choose which organization.


Include student peers in learning

Create an environment where students engage with each other in real time; synchronous and asynchronous classes.


Partner with professors

Work with professors as partners, not customers. Constantly iterate on the needs of our thought-leaders and students, never becoming stagnate.


E-Learning Platform and Sandbox

Integrate with cutting-edge educational tools and technology to enhance both the professor and student experience in one place.


Student self-realization

Student dashboards give students insight into their preferred learning modalities and offer strategies on how exactly they can best succeed.


Elevate professor income

Market AI textbooks to professors in similar departments across the world, elevating their work and getting them paid in doing so.


Do the right thing, always

Promote the globalization of high-quality education. If everyone in the world has the tools to succeed, education will be snowball effect toward innovation.

Our Story

While a student at Arizona State University, our co-founder Michael Houston, and his fellow students experienced frustration on the multiple sites, apps, and log-ins needed in order to take his courses online and in person. As COVID started impacting education, the necessity to deliver engaging, personalized, and adaptive learning to a large number of students seemed impossible. Being the youngest academic associate at ASU, he saw from the professor perspective that they were even more frustrated than the students...

"There's got to be a better way"

Encouraged by his professors and support from within the innovative ASU ecosystem, as well as internal accelarator programs, ElevateU was born. The necessity for our value proposition demanded hyper speed development, and a lean team of key players. Today, our roster boasts an incredibile growth hacker, evangelist, and educational veteran, as well as a team of brilliant instructional designers and engineers. This is simply the first chapter of the ElevateU story, a story that will continue to grow and change lives of millions for years to come.




Professor are never charged a fee and earn royalties 3x more than the textbook industry standard.

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