Why A.I and Education Were Born to be Together

November 2nd, 2020


Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as A.I, has been the latest development of technology in the tech wave. It enables so many tedious manual workings to be replaced with digital and automated ones. What was considered in the early days of AI, as slight digital advancements and innovation, cannot compare to what A.I is offering today. In simple language, when we mentioned A.I in culmination with its incredible impact on education we are talking about:

(1) A shift of learning from physical classrooms to digital platforms.

(2) Moving from the physical books in education to digital AI textbooks accessible through the internet.

(3) Convenience in managing high numbers of students in a class. Digital attendance means much higher enrollment numbers.

Over time now, it is evident that A.I and education were born to be together. This is because of the ease and level of convenience that A.I has brought to the classroom. Some of the education transformations that prove that A.I was born to be together with education are as follows:

(a) Shifting classrooms from physical buildings to online learning. A.I has proved 100% that online learning can wholesomely provide great efficiency and value. This means that learning can be accomplished online, enrolment traced, assignment disseminated and marked, and the ability for assessments and tests delivered to students with a high degree of efficiency and integrity.

(b) Putting away the bulk of physical books to soft copies. AI EdTech is providing avenues where books are accessed in softcopy means from digital sources in the comfort of your room. They come in advanced readability formats that enhance learning.

(c) Convenience in managing huge classes via online platforms. EdTech platforms are not limited to classroom enrollment. They can enroll as many students as needed and the management of these students through databases becomes easy and efficient. Classrooms at universities are becoming larger and larger. Online platforms help to make everyone feel involved and engaged - both inside and outside of the physical classroom.  

Final Thoughts The extent to which A.I has transformed education is unfathomable. A.I has given learning a new face and the convenience that comes with it is amazing. If you want to see a platform that can deliver all of these educational and systematical benefits, take a look at what ElevateU is up to. They’re an artificial intelligence based digital textbook publisher. More so, they combine every resource that colleges, professors, and students need into one single platform for free. Long have we waited for these new possibilities in education, and now we have these new companies finally offering up what our educational ecosystem deserves. If you are in the education field and you are not utilizing AI, you’re not only limiting your own potential, but that of your students. The future of education is here, are you ready?