Digital Learning; the future of education

November 16th, 2020


Digital learning (elearning); the future of learning 

We see every sector and industry noticing the power and efficiency of digitization and evolution. The needs that human civilization have, constantly influences the transformation of the products and services around us. Migrating to a digital educational landscape has been a key identification of 21st century curriculum, meaning that education is also one of the sectors and areas influenced by digitization. Change such as this are due to both the desire and need to transform nearly all traditional systems, into a digital means of working. From mass migration out of traditional physical schools to digital platforms where anyone can access a high-quality affordable education, the world is changing around us.

The Digital Learning Catastrophe Nobody Was Prepared For

Digital learning has been a choice from many institutions over a long period, dating back to the inception of the internet. However, digital learning has now become a necessity that no one was prepared to face. Online learning has become the only solution to education continuity at the face of emergence and spread of the deadly Coronavirus. Students and staff have been constrained indoors with almost total closure of systems nationwide, including schools.

The Future of Education

Besides the pressure for online education due to school closures, it is proven that online education will be now be a necessity for many in the future. This diversification of human needs has cumulatively arisen a need to save time in education delivery. This need will best be served by reducing distance coverage to schools and convenience by embracing online education. Colleges are quickly digitizing curriculum and it’s evident that the need for these systems is not up to date. Unfortunately, Zoom is one of the only companies offering some of these online class features. If you do a simple google search, you’ll see countless zoom scandals where personal data is leaked, privacy is completely missing, and people are trolling entire schools forcing many classes to shut down. Thousands of students aren’t getting the education that they paid for. The EdTech (education technology) landscape is missing big players. With the extremely messy field of EdTech, it’s no surprise that ElevateU, an A.I. based digital textbook publisher and education technology platform, is gaining massive traction with professors. ElevateU is a platform advertised to bring every single feature that colleges, professors, and students use into one single platform, including digital textbooks… for free.

Why A.I and Education Were Born to be Together

As diversification of human needs in this century continues, there is a great need to keep up with the world around us, and lower the cost of a quality education to students. Efficiency in education delivery is becoming a dire need. Artificial Intelligence has since inception, proved that it was born to be a close partner to education. Through machine learning, platforms like ElevateU have replaced nearly all physical requirements tools and resources needed to deliver quality education. This is enabling students to acquire education through online means and taking their assessments online, fully completing their studies from a click of a button. News flash: Students can now talk to their textbooks if they don’t understand something.

Coronavirus; Revealing how online learning and EdTech is helping students learn more than ever

COVID-19 was the disaster that everybody hoped would go away. As we continue to struggle through the changing landscape of the world around us, we are noticing a few takeaways. With education digitization and mobilization now being a requirement if anyone wants to get an education, students now have the potential to learn more than ever. This period in time has shown us the resources that we truly have available to us, such as digital textbooks, online learning, and AI platforms. Students, colleges, and professors are now using tools and technology that nobody ever believed possible. Those whom make the change will be setting their students up for success. Those who try to use the same old platforms who fail to innovate and adjust to our evolutionary needs and capability, will continue to fall below the curve.

If you want to learn more about artificial intelligence textbooks or platforms for online classrooms, we hope you'll take a look at what we have to offer at ElevateU. We're the newest player in the game and you’ll be surprised at our offerings (100% free for colleges and professors, textbooks are much cheaper, and they pay professors more than anyone else).

At the end of the day, it is important to stay positive when times are rough. If we stick through everything and keep advancing ahead of the world around us, our students and upcoming generations will be better prepared than ever dreamed.

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