This is why artificial intelligence is the future of textbooks

November 23rd, 2020


Why the use of Artificial Intelligence is the future of textbooks

Expeditious advancement in technology has impacted several if not all industries including education. Advancements such as robotics and artificial intelligence have widely become useful in the education sector. Since most of the children today are from a generation that has grown up with technology, changing the way teachers deliver content and how students learn is inevitable.

The internet has become the basis for information and entertainment. We are now living in a world where photostats and chalkboards have been replaced with smart EdTech (Education Technology). Children can learn using IT suites, interactive whiteboards and the use of tablet-based learning is more common in schools than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Textbooks

As much as dusty physical textbooks used to be an integral part of classroom learning, much of that content has been moved online. The online learning content is more or less an electronic version of a regular textbook referred to as a digital textbook. However, the use of artificial intelligence together with other technologies, such as voice recognition and natural language technologies, has transformed the way students learn through in the classroom.

For instance, when a student is learning, they can ask the textbooks questions verbally about a certain topic and get answers the same way they do when using personal assistants on their smartphones. Once the student has finished a particular lesson, the AI textbook can ask verbal questions to assess whether the topic learned was understood by the student. It also gives the student the option of answering the questions verbally. Once a reading assignment is over, students can do practice questions, similar to a normal textbook. With the digital textbook though, students no longer need to use a bunch of paper or even log into countless different applications to test their knowledge.

The difference between physical textbooks and digital textbooks is not just the convenience factor. An AI textbook will monitor the progress of the students and provide immediate feedback. Likewise, if the student is struggling, they will receive personalized tips, suggestions, and content to help them better understand concepts that may be difficult to grasp. While physical textbooks, and even popular digital textbooks may be impersonal, A.I. digital textbooks are extremely personal – as we at ElevateU say, “they personalize the exact same curriculum, dependent on how each individual student succeeds. No longer do students have to struggle with ancient material, and no longer do the brightest minds have to be held back. A.I. in education gives both the teacher and the students everything that they need to be successful in the classroom” (ElevateU).

The Importance of AI-Powered Textbooks in the Education Sector

AI-powered textbooks have numerous advantages compared to the standard textbook. Some of the advantages include

Personalized Learning

It is difficult to manage a class of even just 30 students, let alone 300 students, and deliver personalized learning to each of them. AI textbooks customize learning to suit individual student needs.

Connecting both students and teachers

Since AI is computerized, it can be connected to a great number of both students and teachers, thereby fostering collaboration and communication among everyone involved.

It is a teacher’s aid

AI can be used to perform other functions such as marking and grading papers. This reduces the workload of teachers enabling them to focus on more important things.

It can teach the teacher

Teachers can use AI to compile comprehensive information that they can use for their research and studies. More so, AI helps professors understand where their students are falling behind. Students often times say that they understand a topic and the teacher just moves on. With AI, teachers will know where their students are falling short, and how to fix it.

At the end of the day, if teachers aren’t utilizing the technology offered in this day in age to improve their classroom, everyone “fails.” Previously mentioned, we at ElevateU are one of the teams leading this revolution. We combine every resource that students, professors, and college administrators need into one single free platform. More so, we are known for publishing and selling A.I. digital textbooks. Our CEO exclaims, “we now have the potential to solve these major problems in the educational ecosystem and consider it a disserve to not offer these technological advances for free.” When it comes down to it, the future of textbooks and the industry as a whole, will depend on how the well-known names like Pearson and Cengage adapt. If they fail to implement AI, they will continue failing our future leaders