How the Coronavirus is affecting educators (ElevateU)

December 2nd, 2020


How does the Coronavirus affect me as a professor?

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Part of the efforts aimed at curtailing the spread of the virus involves shutting down public and private institutions. This is because the virus can easily spread from one person to the other therefore the need to avoid crowding of people in one place. Closing schools and other public places ensure that people limit their interaction with each other therefore slowing the spread of the virus. Other measures that are effective in flattening the infection curve include regular washing of hands or using an alcohol-based sanitizer, social distance and limiting the number of people in an event among other measures. Although we are only at the end of May, many schools such as California State University have already closed their doors for students wishing to return in the fall semester. On the other hand, many schools, such as Arizona State University, has already announced that they will be returning to in-person lectures on August 20th, three months away. Other Arizona schools such as NAU (Northern Arizona University) and UArizona (University of Arizona) have also begun preparing to open their doors for the fall semester.  

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-> Online Learning Many learning institutions across the world are considering the possibility of resuming their regular classes online. Online learning seems like the most viable option right now and other education platforms want to move their resources online. Although this is critical, the lack of online resources now is shocking.

-> AI-Powered Textbooks Even though it is a new phenomenon, it seems like there is no better time to explore the benefits of an AI textbook. The book is like a normal textbook but the student can ask the verbal question in concepts that they have not understood. It is more of a digital textbook but with voice recognition and natural language learning capabilities. Whether students are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners, AI textbooks deliver the exact same curriculum to the student, based on what makes them succeed. ElevateU is one of the newest companies to emerge out of this time, offering their “all-in-one education platform” for free.

-> Online classrooms The online classroom is part of online learning where the teacher and students can interact live via digitized learning platforms. There are instances in online learning where students learn on their own utilizing free and paid content.

and more...

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