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November 30th, 2020


Education and Artificial Intelligence - ElevateU - How to make your own textbook

Artificial intelligence is an impeccable technology whose profound transformative power cuts across the board. AI applications can be utilized in both social and economic sectors, including education. As the world comes together for the fight against the new pandemic, the education sector is one of the most affected, as schools continue to close all over the world. However, education technology popularly known as EdTech can be combined with AI to reduce the hardships of COVID-19 on the global education scale.


AI Applications in the Education Sector

The foundation of AI in education is attributed to multiple fields, one of which is known as the knowledge space theory (KST). EdTech companies, like ElevateU rely on KST to train their AI platforms, by combining and modeling different concepts such as stochastics and combinatorics. The concepts are used to have a clear understanding of an empirical description of a specific field. In other words, the software uses KST and mathematical language not only to define but also to track knowledge points. This is particularly essential in developing a comprehensive picture of one's knowledge state in a specific subject.  
But this is not the only area that AI can be used in education - AI has numerous applications in EdTech, perhaps even infinite. All applications below, are features that digital textbook publisher and LMS (learning management system) ElevateU emphasizes.

Voice Assistants

As a professor, you have probably come across voice assistants while conducting research. Other educators are also adopting the use of voice assistants, especially in the classroom environment. The applications are also becoming popular among students since it allows them to interact with educational material without having to flip through hundreds of pages. The benefit of such applications is that they can be used at home as well as other non-educational environments and provide students conversational interaction with school material. This makes textbooks come to life and is one of the reasons why ElevateU ( stands out among textbook competitors like Pearson, Cengage, and Houghton Mifflin – all companies who haven’t future-proofed their businesses and offered their consumers what they desperately need.
  If students have a question, or don’t understand something, they can even just speak into their phone and our AI will make sure they succeed and find what they’re looking for.  

ElevateU's AI helps educators and Professors with more than just organizational skills

We already know that teachers can spend about 50% of their time on non-educational activities such as evaluating essays, grading exams, and more. All these tasks can be sped up with the right AI platform. More so, AI can be very helpful when it comes to education-oriented tasks. For instance, certain AI applications, such as ElevateU, can help you make your own textbook. It can be in the form of a digital textbook that can be used for both offline and online learning. These platforms automatically integrate voice assistants mentioned above, making ai textbooks much more advanced than a traditional textbook, or even a digital textbook. With these features, as well as natural language processing, students can now master content with ease.  

Hyper personalization

Education is a sector that is marred with numerous challenges, one of them being the inability to offer personalized education. Students are gifted differently with varying aptitudes and learning abilities; however, they always go through the same educational systems. With that being said, teachers should not be teaching their class based on the average student, but they should be teaching to the top of their class. With that being said, AI can tailor learning objectives to meet individual needs and help each student reach the level in which they need to be.
AI systems are accompanied by machine learning which can be used to customize the learning profile of an individual student. It can also come up with tailored learning material for each student based on factors such as student ability, level of experience and preferred mode of learning. In short, colleges and departments demand standardization among curriculum, and AI simply delivers these unified concepts in ways that actually provide value to each individual leaner. Whether students are an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, or even if they speak a different language, AI will convey the exact same curriculum, in a way that personalizes their success.  

AI Systems and Education Administrative Duties

Education administrators can greatly benefit from AI systems. Many AI platforms are fitted with an intelligent assistant that can help with administrative duties such as enrollments, student application, course management, and budgeting among many other functions. Educators can rely on artificial intelligence systems to lower operating costs, increase efficiency and improve learning outcomes of students. Besides, the AI-powered systems can help with financial management, giving a clear picture of both income and expenses. This helps by enhancing the overall responsiveness of learning institutions.  

Institutions of higher learning such as colleges and universities are also considering the use of artificial intelligence to help improve the quality and fairness of admissions. This is mainly because such systems can be trained in such a way that they minimize human bias. The system is efficient and therefore reliable to provide admission process by following built-in criteria.  

ElevateU emphasizes the same philosophies that education should be offered in a way that benefits both schools, professors, and students – which is perhaps one of the reason why their traction is growing each and everyday. So much so, that founder, Michael Houston, says “It’s no surprise that demand for ElevateU is rising rapidly. Professors and institutions are finally being offered a product that is better for everyone in terms of quality, efficiency, and price. The fact that we’re free for both parties means that there is no excuse for classrooms to fall behind anymore.”  

When it comes down to the wire, if artificial intelligence is not incorporated in your classroom or college, potential is being lost. With the combination of voice assistants, organizational automation, hyper personalization, and administrative automation, unrealized potential is being unlocked throughout the nation.


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