Connect your Students and Professors

Help optimize student learning while simultaneously increase professor earnings.


We bridge the gap between in-person and digital learning

We're your university's personal textbook marketing powerhouse. Make your AI textbooks in-house with us and you'll earn commisions all around the world

Green GLobe

Reduce production and creation costs

Our Software is able to automatically generate quizzes and tests from lectures, content, videos, and more. Combined with our in-house instructional designers and creation team, we save every school that we work with millions


How ElevateU Enhances Universities

Built to combine access with excellence, demonstrating a global perspective of lifelong learning.


Millions Saved

ElevateU helps universities create quizzes, tests, graphics, video content and more. We handle all aspects of course creation in-house and adjacently to your expert professors to make powerful courses.



When an ElevateU AI textbook is made with a University and their departments, we market that textbook around the world. Everytime that the textbook sells, we are the only publisher and platform that gives a royalty to the original University and pays them!


AI Optimized

Personalized learning enables individual student success at a scale. Innovate and assess true comprehension that builds valuable skills, rather than short term memorization that passes tests.


Keep Existing Platforms

ElevateU is an AI Course publisher and eLearning Sandbox. We integrate and plug into all of your existing platforms seamlessly (LMS, video classrooms, chat tools), enabling university wide success at ease.

Save money for your University, students, and help your professors earn more. Learning comes to life with ElevateU's AI