A.I. Textbook Publishing and eLearning Platform

Bridging The Gap Between In-Person Instruction and Online Learning With Artificial Intelligence.


Machine learning allows professors to teach each student according to their individual learning modality

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Students on average spent $1,240 on textbooks during the 2019-2020 academic year

We are decreasing student expenses while increasing professor sources of income.

Bring your courses to life with an A.I. Textbook

Textbooks adapt throughout your course based on real time student assessment, and mid-semester updates controlled by you, the professor.


Whether a professor or an entire university,

ElevateU is for YOU



Professor are never charged a fee and earn royalties 3x more than the textbook industry standard.

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Work with ElevateU to publish A.I. Textbooks for departments or the entire school and earn a portion of royalties in addition to your professors.

Key Features of ElevateU


Your AI Textbook and Course

Machine learning enhances your instruction based on your course material. Professors have final edit, and choose which recommendations from the AI to add and which to not.


ElevateU Marketplace

AI textbooks are added to the marketplace for other professors to select for their courses, We also target market course subject to the departments and professors of other universities.


Textbook Coach

You are assigned a specific team member throughout development of your textbook.


Give Back Initiative

A portion of each AI textbook bought is donated to educational foundations and non profits. Professors can choose the level of donation and which recipient.

  • Grading Software
  • Inbox
  • Flash Quizzes
  • Real-time Assessments
  • Case Study Collaboration
  • Interactive Textbooks
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Attendance Checkers
  • Messaging
  • Calendar
  • Professor Dashboard
  • eLearning Sandbox
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly
  • 3rd Party Tools Integration
  • Easy Case Study Integration
  • Published Professor Profiles
  • Peer Review and Co-Authoring Opportunities
  • Seamless Student Communication

With your Professor Dashboard you are able to assess the level of each student on a daily basis


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